This is an intensive course aimed at people who have tried the Beginner Taster Lesson and would like to work on progressing to intermediate and advanced SUP levels. It covers all the basic areas as the complete beginner session, but in more detail and by taking it to the next level. Whatever your standard we have the perfect improver session for you.

Improver progression sessions
You can paddle around but still topple off a bit. Or maybe you’ve had one session and feel you’re right on the verge of some great stand up rides Novice improver sessions are all about board control and the basics of turning and getting the most speed out of your board. If this sounds like you; book in for some improver progressionsessions and let’s go to work on your technique to get you SUPing with style.

Over the four sessions you will learn to paddle effectively and safely in exposed water environments in the presence of a singular shore break no more than 1 ½ feet, swell size up to 2ft and minimal wind chop.


  • Understanding suitable SUP environments
  • SUP hazards associated with exposed waters
  • Choosing a safe SUP location
  • Effects of wind with regards to SUP participation
  • Identify safe entry and exit points
  • Enter and exit the water correctly
  • Negotiate shore-break of up to 1.5 ft
  • Paddle effectively in kneeling position whilst maintaining balance
  • Paddle effectively in standing position whilst maintaining balance
  • Paddling technique and stance used in choppy waters
  • Correct method to change direction
  • Correct paddling technique
  • Correct wipe-out and dismount
  • Fall and retrieve techniques in uneven waters + wind
  • Correct SUP etiquette
  • Paddle steering techniques:
  • Selection of suitable board and equipment
  • Identify how to care for the SUP environment
  • Understand the basic variance of shoreline topography, tides and tidal flow
  • Self rescue techniques (paddling prone or kneeling)


  • How to pick up the board safely taking into consideration the current conditions.
  • Board, leash and paddle characteristics.
  • Attaching your leash to your board and yourself.
  • Demonstrate entering the water safely.
  • Transition from prone paddling to standing with paddle to start paddling.
  • Prone paddle and knee paddling technique.
  • Footedness i.e. the correct way to stand on the board.
  • Basic paddling.
  • Back paddling.
  • Basic turns.
  • Step back pivot turn.
  • Side stroke turn.
  • Stopping.
  • Safe dismount from the board with paddle.
  • Stroke analysis, blade entry and exit, pulling blade through the water, core rotation.
  • Demonstrate paddle steering techniques:
  • Passive strokes & active strokes:

We’ll give you loads of help and technical tips both in and out of the water, as well as plenty of positive encouragement along the way.


Adult group (when available) Pay as you go  35 per session
Adult 4 lesson package (minimum 4 people required) 120 per person
Private tuition 1 on 1 100 per session

Session Times:

  • We run four sessions daily. Extra daily sessions may be available, so just ask.
  • The entire session is 2 hours with a 15 minute land lesson and 80 – 90 minutes spent on the water with an experienced fully qualified Irish Surfing Association approved instructor.


  • All equipment is provided with the price; use of stand-up surfboard, adjustable paddle, leash, wetsuit/rash guard, and instruction.
  • Just bring some swimwear for under your wetsuits and a towel as well as optional sun protection (hat, sunglasses w/ security strap, and/or sunscreen).
  • A bottle of water is generally useful to keep you hydrated.
  • Most importantly of all you will have fun


SUP DUDE prides itself on using excellent equipment for your lessons to give you the Ultimate SUP experience. Unlike many other SUP Schools we only use top quality Starboard SUP’s. We do not use inferior cheap foam boards or hollow plastic boards. We use Red Paddle adjustable alloy paddles to suit all heights of users. We have a large selection of new Circle One wetsuits and bouyancy aids to fit all shapes and sizes.


To make an enquiry about our BEGINNER TASTER LESSONS or any of the SUP DUDE services just give us a call on +353 85 705 1188 or email us at